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Iberico Ribs

Where to Find World-class Iberico Ribs

When looking for world-class ribs, it should come as no surprise that Iberico ribs top the charts. Made from black Iberian pigs, the ribs at el Iberico fall into a unique category of flavor and richness that can only be achieved with meat from Spain's native Breed pigs. The black Iberian pigs are free-range and domesticated, unique to regions across Spain and Portugal. These foraging animals eat a combination of acorns, apples, and supplemental feed that encourages the rich flavor found in the breed. At El Iberico, we source the ingredients for our world-class Iberico ribs straight from Spain. The rich and tender meat, cooked in a traditional Spanish style, offers an unrivaled taste of Spain in the heart of Malaysia. Our distinctive menu also offers a wide array of other dishes, emphasizing Spain's traditional use of seafood in a variety of rice and pasta-based entrees. Are you new to the world of Spanish cuisine? Join us for a taste of some of Spain's favorite dishes.

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