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Stir fried rice vermicelli

  • 250 g rice vermicelli (Bihun Beras)

  • 1/2 onion

  • 1/2 bel pepper

  • 2 carrots

  • 80 g of bean sprouts or cabbage

  • 2 tbsp of sesame oil

  • Soy sauce

  • Sesame seeds (opt)

  1. Cut any veggies (bel pepper, cabbage, onion, carrots, etc.) into thin strips. Heat the sesame oil In a pan, add the vegetables and sauté them for some time on a high flame, stirring constantly. You can add meat or seafood to the veggies. 

  2. Soak the rice vermicelli in a room temp. water for 3 mins. Then drain and add it to the veggies together with the soy sauce. Sauté to mix the ingredients and serve.

Stir fried rice vermicelli

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