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Legume soup with the prawns

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

  • 100 g of cooked white beans 

  • 100 g of pearl barley 

  • 2 tbsp of cooked lentils

  • 1 carrot 

  • 1 onion

  • 1 garlic

  • 12 prawn tails 

  • 2 tsp of coarse salt with herbs

  • 6 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil 

  • 1 dry red pepper (fresh)

  • vegetable broth 

  • 2 tbsp of Cognac 

  • salt and pepper

  1. Finely chop the carrot and onion, fry them in a saucepan with the whole unpeeled garlic, oil, and chilli pepper. Once the vegetables are transparent, remove the garlic and add the beans and barley. Season with salt and pepper and let it brown for about 2 minutes. Add vegetable broth until it covers about 2 fingers and cook for 10 minutes on a very low heat. 

  2. Grind the mixture in a blender, adding the rest broth if necessary.

  3. Shell the prawn tails.  Heat a non-stick pan with a little oil and brown the shellfish over a high flame, sprinkling them with the herb salt and the Cognac. Place the prawns on the soft legume soup, adding the lentils. 

Legume soup with the prawns
Legume soup with the prawns

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